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What are dental implants and how can they help you

What are dental implants and how can they help you

Dental implants are a common method to improve the quality of life for adults who may have lost a tooth from decay or injury. If you have lost a tooth consult your local dentist in Kirkland for a quote on dental implants or a possible alternative to this treatment. Implants are meant for people with a healthy gum line and jaw structure, this isn’t a possibility for everyone. People who smoke frequently or have a chronic heart condition may also opt for an alternative if they aren’t eligible candidates for dental implants.

For those who don’t have a strong enough bone structure or weakened gums, dentures or bridges can help prevent your teeth from drifting. When you lose a tooth and don’t have an implant or similar procedure, your teeth tend to “drift” or wander. This can cause an unsightly gap in your teeth and make chewing difficult.

Dental implants will essentially replace your lost tooth and won’t be rejected by your body. Most implants are made from titanium and are lightweight and strong. Once you have your dental implant performed, a crown must be made to repair the gap in your teeth.

Dental implants typically involve a surgical process in which an anchor is installed or screwed into your jawline. These are typically known as surgical guides, and just as their namesake implies they are there to give your new crown a guide in which to fit into your jaw. Typically these guides require some time to heal, so that the site is ready to accept the new crown. Restoring your jawline and alignment of teeth is important if you care about your smile and want to be able to chew properly.
Your new crown will be mounted to this anchor; allowing your teeth to retain their natural formation and helping you chew your food. Although bridges and dentures can help keep your teeth straight, there’s nothing stronger than a dental implant.

When you lose your teeth you also lose the bone structure underneath it, which makes dental implants the superior choice. Your jawline will fuse and bond to the titanium insert, giving you the foundation required for a proper smile. Most dentists require a team to build and provide the many factors behind any dental implant, which is why you should use a dentist with a track record of many successful implants and an experienced team.From fabrication of your crown to the spacing and surgical specialists, the best dental implant dentists in Kirkland will have long-term relationships with each of these specialists.

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What is ultrasonic dental cleaning?

What is ultrasonic dental cleaning?

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone really wants to do is head over to their dentist for a checkup and cleaning. If you consume a lot of coffee, smoke regularly or have poor dental hygiene, chances are dental cleaning visits are the last thing you want to get done. Handheld scalers can be uncomfortable and difficult for you to endure, especially if your teeth are discolored. Long sessions can leave you drained and not wanting to ever come back to your dentist, no matter how good they are.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is one of the fastest growing ways in which you can cosmetically improve your smile. These powerful devices emit waves of ultrasonic vibration to break apart the layers of calcified plaque and calculus from your enamel. Because they are as effective as manual instruments, and yet significantly more comfortable, ultrasonic dental cleaning is a superior means of whitening your teeth.

Able to destroy and breakup bacterial cells from shallow gum pockets and even exposed root surfaces, ultrasonic cleaning is a method that should be offered by your Kirkland dentist. The small tips of an ultrasonic cleaner flush out the pockets of your gums and keeps your smile bright and white. Ultrasonic cleaners can cause a fine mist to help things stay cool and the discomfort minimal. Whereas most manual cleaners require a level of skill to properly clean your teeth, ultrasonic dental cleaning is much more efficient and thorough.

If you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene and fail to keep your teeth clean from plaque and germs, it can lead to tartar build up and bad breath. Continuing to ignore these symptoms can cause long term health issues like gum disease or cavities. Because ultrasonic dental cleaning is still a relatively new method to cleaning your teeth, it’s best to find the Kirkland dentist that offers this type of treatment.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is a far more comfortable process, and there’s no chance of getting clipped or cut along your enamel. Because the sonic sound waves are the only thing hitting your teeth, there’s no risk of this happening, unlike manual scrapers. Ultrasonic dental cleaning can also reach down further than any manual scraper can, eliminating pockets of bacteria and lodged plaque.

It’s an excellent means of cleaning for anyone who is suffering from periodontal disease or gum problems, as there’s nothing physically touching your teeth. Because people with gum disease may have a tooth come loose from manual scrapers, ultrasonic dental cleaning is always a more preferred method.

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