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When Nitrous Oxide applies to dental cleaning

The use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it’s commonly called, during any dental procedure can help minimize pain. It is usually a safe way to make your dental cleaning easier. When inhaled and applied by a certified technician, nitrous oxide gives you feelings of euphoria and happiness. While it’s not generally an anesthetic by any means, it’s definitely a way to keep yourself occupied and your mind off your cleaning.

Dental cleaning typically is not painful unless you have sensitive teeth or gums. If your dentist is using a scraper or clipper to clean your enamel you may want to opt for nitrous oxide during your next cleaning session.

Here are a few reasons to use nitrous oxide during any dental cleaning treatment. Of course before you seek out dental treatment, make sure to ask your dentist about nitrous oxide and if it makes sense for you.

Less Pain – Nitrous oxide will make it easier for you to get through your dental cleaning. It’s not for everyone but if you suffer from high gum or tooth sensitivity, it’s a solid option.

Ease of treatment – When you are at your dental cleaning appointment, time can feel as though it’s just crawling by. Proper nitrous treatment can help the time go by faster, and make it seem as though you are getting more done faster.

Improved comfort – Laughing gas can also make you feel more at ease and increase your comfort. When you are more comfortable chances are your dentist will be able to clean your teeth better. Discomfort during a dental cleaning varies for each person, and pain levels are different for everyone.

Improved self-esteem–With a brighter and whiter smile you will also be able to enjoy increased confidence. You will be glad to smile and won’t be so self-conscious about it. Dental cleaning done right can improve your smile and make your teeth whiter.

Better Oral Hygiene – Cleaner teeth means that you are doing your part to prevent tooth decay and increase your oral health. Regular dental cleaning can also decrease particulate and food from between your teeth. Even so you need to follow regular flossing and brushing habits to keep your oral hygiene a major focus of your health.

When you want high quality dental cleaning in Kirkland, Cheung DDS is the best possible choice for you. Although nitrous oxide/laughing gas isn’t always common for dental cleaning procedures, it’s a definite option that makes the entire process much easier and less painful. And remember just because you’ve had your teeth cleaned it doesn’t mean you should forget to brush or floss regularly.


How to Find the best Family Dentist

How to Find the best Family Dentist

When you have small ones in your family, finding a family dentist can be a difficult struggle. After all most adults hate seeing the dentist, is there any wonder that children find it terrifying as well? When you have a large family or need to take your children to see the dentist in your area, there are a few common things to look for when you want to find the best family practice for you.

One of the biggest things to look for is the staff at the family dentist in question. You want to make sure that the staff on hand is welcoming and easy to interact with, and definitely provides you with an atmosphere that you feel comfortable with. When the staff is not as welcoming or friendly, it’s just one more thing that makes you hesitant to bring your family to.

Families with small children must also be mindful of the office and the welcome area. If this area doesn’t have sufficient distractions or things to keep your little ones busy, it can be a chore to bring them to the dentist. Having toys or a handful of books or puzzles goes a long way for you to choose the family dentist that’s right for your family.

Small children require special supervision when taking them to the dentist. You certainly don’t want a negative experience and want to ensure that you lay the foundation for a long life of personal oral hygiene. This can be done with the right family dentist, and with the right research and homework you can ensure that you make the right choice the first time.

Family dentists can also be found through reviews and reading through user feedback. After all, if you need to find out how friendly and interactive a family dentistry practice is, what better way than to look through their reviews? Need the best family dentist Washington Kirkland can provide? Seek the professionals at Cheung DDS, where they pride themselves on a welcoming and warm office atmosphere.

The best family dentist practice needs the highest level of service and an excellent blend of friendly interactivity. A staff that understands how far a smile and a little humor goes with children is the best choice for your family.

When you need a family dentist and don’t want to leave the oral hygiene of your family to just anyone, the office of Cheung DDS should be your first call. Their helpful and friendly staff creates the welcoming atmosphere that children gravitate to. Being able to bring your children to a dentist they trust and recognize can make any trip easier.


What are Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement teeth when you need cosmetic dentistry or surgery to correct your smile. When your oral hygiene is lacking and you happen to lose teeth to decay or other issues, you can turn to dental implants to restore your smile. Dental implant surgery or procedures can provide a rock solid foundation for your smile and teeth for many years to come.

If you think you need cosmetic dentistry or surgery to restore your confidence and your once brilliant smile, dental implants are an excellent choice. Dental implants are a great choice over veneers or dentures because they feel like your real teeth and provide a superior bite. Because dental implants fuse with your jawbones and jawline, you will have a strong bite. This helps when you want to eat hearty foods or enjoy a steak.

There are also other benefits to dental implants, that range in how they can improve your quality of life. In many cases dental implants will improve your speech over dentures and bridges, as they feel and act like your real teeth. This allows you to speak normally, without slurring or struggling with a lisp.

Because dental implants fuse into your jaw bones, they will also feel more comfortable than a slip in set of dentures. As they act like your normal teeth, you will never need to hassle with removable dentures or denture cleaning procedures.

The best dental implants Kirkland Washington has to offer is at Cheung DDS, where their office uses the latest state of the art technology. This edge allows them to give you turnkey comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services without having to pay the premium price. The folks at provide you with a complete range of services and dental implants that can restore your smile in a hurry.

Without the cumbersome worry a sliding denture set or the issues with a bridge, dental implants through Cheung DDS can improve your quality of life. Being able to chew and eat, speak and smile as though these implants are your real teeth is the real benefit. If you feel as though you need the best dental implants Kirkland dentists can provide, see the offices of Cheung DDS for the best service.

The dental implants at Cheung DDS also give you the best possible oral hygiene possible. Because these implants go where your teeth would, this gives you an easy solution to your cosmetic dentistry needs. If you feel as though you are apprehensive or nervous about your trip to the dentist, see the folks at to see how they can help you.

Dental implants are also extremely convenient as they don’t require you to remove anything or clean anything with any frequency. With a careful maintenance schedule and a keen eye for your oral hygiene, dental implants will last you many years and give you a smile to be proud of.


Common Rules to Dental Hygiene

Common Rules to Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is a big part of your health and how you feel and think about yourself. When you allow your dental hygiene to lapse, your teeth and smile can suffer. When you lack the confidence in your smile, this self-consciousness can trickle down to other parts of your psyche and personality.

According to most experts most systemic oral diseases have clear indicators or warning signs, which means that people are either ignoring them or simply missing the danger signs. Although most people who regularly visit their dentists will have enough notification to the early warning signs, many of them still allow gum disease and related issues to linger. Regular trips to your dentist can prevent long term oral health problems and identify systemic problems early on before they can cause any real damage.

Dentists that care about your personal dental hygiene will help you create lasting habits to maintain superior oral health. The best dental hygiene services provide a comprehensive range of dental services geared to educate and prevent further tooth decay. From wisdom teeth removal to cosmetic surgery and restorative treatments and implants, the best dental hygiene staff will welcome you and serve you with the utmost respect.

When it comes to dental hygiene you want the best that your local area has to offer. You should never feel as though you are forced into choosing a dentist that lacks the professionalism that you deserve. Because it’s your mouth and your teeth, you should never have to settle for second best when you want the best dental hygiene Kirkland has to offer.

Remember that true dental hygiene and professional care doesn’t have to be expensive or have the corporate feel to it. In fact many smaller offices and practices can give you excellent value for your dollar. When you need the best dental hygiene service in Kirkland, Dr Cheung DDS is the best possible option for your oral hygiene needs.

The staff at Cheung DDS is trained to serve your family and distract those who might feel uncertain about visiting the dentist. While the main role of the practice is to serve, the staff and Dr. Cheung do their best to make sure to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which to seek treatments. Helping to promote overall oral health and increased hygiene and wellness through their state of the art technology, their office delivers no matter what age your family members are.

Dr. Cheung’s true passion is reaching out to serve all the neighborhoods and communities around the Kirkland and Eastside area. Specializing in providing the personal touch to dentistry treatments for his patients, Dr. Cheung has reached generations of patients and improved their quality of life in Kirkland.

The offices at have multilingual capabilities and are geared to serve the community in every way possible. Bringing a unique take to dentistry and providing services that are designed to deliver superior results and comfortable care, Dr Cheung is excited to bring his brand of dentistry to Kirkland Washington.