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Why dental hygiene is so important?

Why dental hygiene is so important?

Dental Hygiene is more than having a nice smile and white teeth; it’s a huge part of your overall health and mental outlook. Without the ability to smile confidently you are going to lose a big chunk of your confidence. Of course not everyone has time to manage and maintain their dental hygiene, because life can get in the way of that in a hurry. Over time your dental hygiene can suffer, causing your smile and your teeth to hurt the way you feel about yourself and your overall confidence.

This lack of confidence can hurt other aspects of your life as well, especially your work place if you interact with others on a daily basis. Having good dental hygiene helps you look and feel your best, but it’s not just how you look and feel either. Dental hygiene or lack thereof also leads to heart problems and issues with your digestion. Improper dental hygiene can also cause your bite and issues with your self-consciousness.

Any doctor can tell you that oral diseases have clear indicators or warning signs that can cause issues with other parts of your body. This is why you’ve got to maintain a regular dental visit to your local dentist. This helps you avoid and identify the early warning signs so that you can prevent the onset of gum disease or other health related issues.
There are of course some people who regularly visit their dentists, have enough notification to the early warning signs and yet still fail to take action. That’s why regular trips to your dentist can prevent long term oral health problems and identify systemic problems early on before they can cause any real damage.

When it comes to dental hygiene you want the best that your local area has to offer. Because it’s your mouth and your teeth, you should never have to settle for second best when you want the best dental hygiene Kirkland has to offer. When you need the best dental hygiene service in Kirkland, Dr Cheung DDS is the best possible option for your oral hygiene needs.

The staff at Cheung DDS is trained to provide you with the best dental hygiene service possible. We strive for total customer satisfaction and aim to please no matter what our patient age. With the professionalism to help adults and the care and fun to assist children, dental hygiene can be both easy and fun at Cheung DDS.

Have a fear or phobia about your local dentist office? Want the best dental hygiene Kirkland has available? Check in at Cheung DDS and learn how the staff can help you. With multilingual capabilities and technicians trained to give you maximum care, the staff is geared to serve the community in every way possible. Bringing superior care and comfortable service, Dr Cheung is dedicated to total dental hygiene for all of his clients and patients in Kirkland.


How Dental Cleaning can help your confidence

How Dental Cleaning can help your confidence

When your teeth are not as white as you would like them, it’s going to be hard to smile and look your best. This can cause your confidence to suffer and cause you to not look your best or fail at making a good first impression. First impressions are important to your success because you’ll never have another chance at making one. Your teeth are important to your confidence and your smile, there can be several reasons why your teeth aren’t as white as you might want them.

If you enjoy coffee, tea or smoking cigarettes this can cause your teeth to stain. If you don’t feel comfortable heading to a dentist this can also cause you to miss out on dental cleaning sessions. Often time home kits or procedures you can do at home won’t have the cleaning impact you are after. When this occurs you may need a special trip to the dentist to have a professional dental cleaning session. Whether you are not comfortable with your dentist, or you’ve got financial reasons, there are times when you may need special attention to restore your smile.

When you need professional teeth cleaning to bring back your smile, there are many treatments you can seek out. Specialists in the field of dental cleaning can help with scraping, clipping, bleaching or ultrasonic teeth cleaning. There are also many new products on the market that are meant to be used in the comfort of your own house. These are also known as bleaching kits and combine the use of a mouth tray to keep oxidizing agents on your teeth.

Many of these new products can also cause your gums to bleed if you happen to have sensitive teeth. If your teeth are highly stained there’s also a range in which these products can operate. Meaning if your teeth are highly stained there’s only a certain amount of whitening that these products will provide. When you think that your teeth are beyond the help of these simple over the counter products, it’s time to turn to the professionals to help you whiten your smile.

If you feel uncomfortable with your smile and how yellow or dirty your teeth are, you can locate the best dental cleaning Kirkland has to offer to improve your smile. There are many methods to dental cleaning but the latest and most popular has to be ultrasonic dental cleaning. Without the discomfort or the pain associated with clipping or dental scrubbing, ultrasonic waves can knock off the stains on your teeth and enamel.

Of course when you want the best dental cleaning Kirkland has to offer, Cheung DDS can be your only choice. Their offices provide you with the best ultrasonic dental cleaning in Washington, and their staff is trained to help you improve your smile and confidence. Learn more by heading over to Cheung DDS and schedule your appointment today to learn how Cheung DDS can help you whiten your smile.

Need professional teeth whitening services in a hurry? Check out the best dental cleaning services in Kirkland at Cheung DDS now. Your smile and your confidence will thank you for it.


Brighten your smile with Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Brighten your smile with Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning services in Kirkland can range in application and price, depending on how stained your enamel is. Cleaning stains from your teeth can often be uncomfortable, especially when you are at a dentist to scrape your teeth. Scrapers or teeth clippers can clean your teeth but if you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums, it’s not going to feel very pleasant. If you are wondering what dental cleaning is and how you can whiten your teeth, there’s several options available to you.

The basic form of dental cleaning is using a scraper to clean your teeth by removing a layer of enamel. While it’s effective and cheap this kind of dental cleaning can cause pain or discomfort. Because pain tolerance varies on the person, this kind of dental cleaning can range. When you are looking for the best dental cleaning in Kirkland, you want a dentist office that gives you many different ways to whiten your smile.

Bleaching or whitening gels can also cause discomfort; depending on how bad your teeth are stained. Many of these popular teeth whitening topical gels can cause bleeding from your gums and even cause your gums to recede. Although it’s not common some people are allergic to chemicals in the gel or have negative reactions to these treatments.

This is where ultrasonic dental cleaning can truly come into play. This kind of treatment is often painless and easy to keep your teeth white. Ultrasonic waves keep plague and buildup from forming on your teeth, and can remove stains from your enamel. This kind of service is best when you find a dentist office that’s well versed in this kind of dental cleaning. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning isn’t always the same from one dentist to another which is why it’s best to find the best ultrasonic dental cleaning Kirkland has to offer.

Stains from coffee or cigarettes are often the most common stain on your teeth. When you’ve tried other methods to cleaning your teeth, or whitening your smile and want to give ultrasonic dental cleaning a try, head over to Cheung DDS. Of course the best dentist will also help you keep your teeth clean using a variety of methods that you can use at home. Mouthwashes and oral irrigators to mouth trays and whitening creams can also help keep your smile white.

When you want to brighten your smile and whiten your teeth, find the best ultrasonic dental cleaning in Kirkland at Cheung DDS. Their office is equipped with the best in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, geared to help you whiten your teeth with no pain or discomfort. If you have sensitive teeth or gums this type of cleaning might also be the only kind that makes sense for you. Give the office of Cheung DDS a call today and schedule an appointment to see how their ultrasonic dental cleaning services can help you.


The Best Cosmetic Dentist Kirkland Can Offer

The Best Cosmetic Dentist Kirkland Can Offer

The reasons to look for a specialist in cosmetic dentistry are rarely a pleasant aspect but important nonetheless. If you’ve got problems with your oral hygiene or your smile, you may think that cosmetic dentistry is too expensive for you to afford. Although this is a common misconception the truth is that finding the best cosmetic dentist Kirkland can offer isn’t as expensive as you may think.

Cheung DDS is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in Kirkland, and for good reason. With a wide range of services and treatments that can restore your smile, cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than ever. This makes restoring your smile easier than ever and just one of the major reasons why you should head over to Cheung DDS now.

Part of the reason behind the new found affordability behind cosmetic dentistry is the number of dentists out there. According to statistics from the American Dental Association, there’s a huge increase in cosmetic dentists across the nation. This helps put the price point at a range where it’s easier to put a better smile on millions of people across the nation.

Whether it’s a small or subtle change to your smile, or major oral surgery, there are a host of cosmetic dentistry techniques that can help you. Whereas traditional general dentistry is geared towards helping you maintain a level of oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry is here to help you fix problems with your teeth and or smile. This also includes teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing as well.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, there are several different methods of cosmetic dentistry that are recognized as major treatments. Here’s a look at just a few of them below for those who want to choose the elective choice of a cosmetic dentist procedure.

Teeth whitening – Being able to brighten you smile and whiten your teeth quickly and easily, this procedure is a must for those who enjoy coffee or wine. Smokers can also benefit from this cosmetic dentistry procedure to remove stains or discoloration.

Tooth reshaping – Helping your bite and overall smile, reshaping your teeth is a minor procedure. This kind of cosmetic dentistry is also known as dental contouring and can often involve bonding as well.

Bonding – If you have any teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken, bonding can restore the shape you need to correct your bite. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can help bring back your smile and make your teeth look natural once again.

Veneers – One of the best treatments for Cheung DDS as the leading cosmetic dentist Kirkland has to offer, veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain shells. These shells cover the front of the teeth to disguise discoloration or other imperfections.

Smile makeovers – Whether it’s missing teeth or implants, these cosmetic dentistry procedures involve a comprehensive assessment. This assessment can help your cosmetic dentist ascertain the overall appearance of the teeth and smile.

Want to find the best cosmetic dentist Kirkland has to offer? Head over to Cheung DDS now to schedule an inspection and see what they can do for you.


When does nitrous oxygen dental service make sense?

When does nitrous oxygen dental service make sense?

There are many times when a trip to your dentist can be painful but necessary. Although the best dental office in your area will do their best to minimize your pain, there are some cases when this isn’t possible. When you have a cavity or need a root canal, these are just two of the more common issues that might need nitrous oxide dental services.

Although these two kinds of treatments are the most common, it’s not the only reason you might need nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide is otherwise known as “laughing gas”. Filling a cavity isn’t always painful but because pain tolerance can vary and some people suffer from sensitive teeth, depending on one person to another. However a root canal is always a procedure where some sort of pain relief is needed.

Root canals require the removal of the top crown of your tooth, so that your dentist can clean out the infection of your roots. This procedure can cause a lot of pain, even with a local anesthetic which is why nitrous oxide dental services are so popular. Root canals are just the tip of the iceberg, because if you’ve got impacted teeth or require a bridge these dental procedures may require sedation.

If you are not open to sedation during your dental trip, nitrous oxide is the next best option. Removing your teeth or operating on your gums can be highly painful, and the discomfort can be lessened through nitrous oxide. Like any anesthetic process, this kind of service requires a highly trained professional who is knowledgeable and attentive. This aspect is even more important if you suffer from sensitive teeth or problems with your gum line.

So if you are looking for the best nitrous oxide dental service in Kirkland, there’s several to choose from. Finding the nearest nitrous oxide dental office isn’t the only thing you need however. You want a dentist that is comfortable applying nitrous oxide to their patients and well versed to the possible drawbacks. When it comes to possible cons of nitrous oxide dental procedures there are some ways in which your trip to the dentist can go bad.

Know that your teeth need some serious work and can’t find the best dentist in your area? Check out the best nitrous dental Kirkland office at Cheung DDS. Cheung DDS has a complete range of anesthesiologists who are trained and prepared to properly apply nitrous oxide. There to help you feel better during your procedure is of utmost importance at Cheung DDS. Because there are many people who are resistant to the possibility of being put under during their procedure, nitrous oxide is there to help.

Want to explore the possibility of nitrous oxide dental services for your next dentist trip? Head to Cheung DDS and make an appointment to help you find out what works best for you. Being educated helps you make the right choice to limit your pain and difficulty. See their office and learn more at Cheung DDS to find out if nitrous oxide dentistry makes sense for you.