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5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Veneers

5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Veneers

Veneers can be tempting for anyone with a less-than-bright smile or anything other than straight teeth. Though it is a popular procedure, many people have questions to ask their dentist before getting veneers. In case you are unsure of the information you need ahead of time, we have a few tips:

1. Request a Consultation

All reputable dental offices will have the option to schedule a consultation before any procedure. Sit with your dentist and discuss the process of having veneers before making any decisions. They should be able to provide you with before and after images of previous procedures they’ve done. Be sure you know exactly what to expect.

2. How many times have you performed this procedure?

A benefit of going to the dental office for a consultation is that it allows you to ask questions and see examples. Asking how experienced the professional is in this particular procedure allows you to assess your comfort level. This is where those before and after examples will come in especially handy.

3. What type of veneer do you recommend?

Different cosmetic dentistry issues can be rectified with the various veneer options available. If you are looking to fix stained or crooked teeth, the solution may not all be the same. Ask to see examples of each possibility your dentist suggests, so that you can see the results of each.

4. What can I expect during the procedure?

Find out especially how long the entire process is from beginning to end. With veneers, your dentist will shape your teeth, take a mold of the new shape, and prepare the veneers for your beautiful new smile.

5. What is your follow up program?

What happens after the main veneer procedure? Discuss the entire event with your dentist and make sure you are comfortable. Find out from him or her what you should do in the event of an emergency. If you have discomfort: is that normal, or should you call? Know exactly what to expect in the days and weeks following the installation of your veneers.

The most important part of any dental procedure, including cosmetic dentistry like veneers, is the comfort of you as the patient. Schedule a consultation with a dentist like Dr. Louis K. Cheung, DDS to find out about getting your new veneers, and whiter smile, today!