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A Local Kirkland Dentist Can Help Your Family Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an even bigger problem than what most would imagine. No other dental health complication has Americans pay thousands of dollars to treat for than tooth decay. The decay is caused by plaque in the teeth, which feed off on sugars left in the mouth, and release acid as a byproduct. Tooth decay leads to the development of dental caries, and in very severe cases, can lead to toothaches, periodontal diseases, and even permanent tooth loss.

An article on the Dentistry IQ website posted last March 25, 2015 suggests an answer to the looming tooth decay issue. Using the framework of the IHI’s Triple Aim Initiative, a study group assessed whether the preventative care for Early Childhood Caries has any impact over costs for treatments later in the life of the patient. The study found very good results, noting that tests for early treatment for dental caries show a 10-year disease reduction and net savings from later treatments and preventative measures.

When it comes to any disease or health complication, prevention is almost always the best cure, and dental caries are no exception. It is important to coordinate with a dentist as early as possible in order to address any early signs of tooth decay and act upon them before they get worse. If you truly value your teeth and your family’s, you should schedule appointments with a trusted local Kirkland dentist such as Louis K. Cheung, DDS.

Dental cavities are a common problem for children, and as young as they are, they need to start caring for their teeth before the decay gets worse and follows them through adulthood. Daily brushing and flossing, as well as cutting down on sugary food will certainly help reduce the development of tooth decay. Parents also need to do their part, and must set an example for their kids by caring for their teeth as well.

Both children and adults also need to make it a habit to visit their trusted Kirkland dentists for the occasional diagnosis and preventative treatment. Dentists usually offer prophylactic cleaning that can clean areas that brushing flossing usually miss. Although having good dental hygiene habits can prevent more visits to the dentist, it is usually a good practice to see the professional every now and then to get a better picture of your dental health.

(Source: New dental study helps move oral health in positive direction by supporting prevention of early childhood caries,, Mar. 25, 2015)

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