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The Naked Truth: A Visit to a Kirkland Dentist Isn’t All About Smiles

For the most part, people visit a trusty Kirkland dentist like Dr. Louis K. Cheung, DDS to get beautiful, healthy teeth—a set worthy of a thousand pictures. As it turns out, however, dental visits aren’t all about appearance.

According to Dr. Richard Price, spokesperson for the American Dental Association (ADA), an unhealthy mouth literally equates to an unhealthy physique. He made these claims in light of various studies, which have identified links between oral health and nefarious diseases like oral cancer as well as heart disease, bacterial pneumonia, stroke, and even problematic pregnancies.


Discolored Teeth: A Common Issue Treated By a Kirkland, WA Dentist

In a society that considers white teeth a definite criteria for looking good, having yellow teeth is a curse—one that can only be lifted with the help of a trusted dentist in Kirkland, WA and elsewhere.

There are two major causes for teeth discoloration: foods and drinks that stain, and the acids in certain ones that eat away at the teeth’s enamel coating. Tooth enamel is naturally white at its thickest point, but once it wears down, teeth get yellower/darker since the innermost layer of dentin is exposed. This dentin layer of the teeth is naturally yellowish in color, so the thinner your enamel gets, the yellower your teeth will look.


Your Teeth and Health—Kirkland Dentists Can Spot Other Health Problems

There is an age-old saying that goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, which begs the question: is there a window to your body? There is, and it’s your mouth. A visit to your dentist can possibly enlighten you of other health problems that you might not be aware of. While oral problems, like tooth decay and even oral cancer, are the first things that dentists in Kirkland might look for during a check-up, your teeth and gums can also bear warning signs of your health condition.


Your Oral Health: How Often Should You See A Dentist in Kirkland, WA?

According to the American Dental Association, over a hundred million Americans fail to regularly visit their dentists, even though dentists have continuously stressed the importance of check-ups in maintaining oral health and preventing diseases. The ADA says that a visit to a dentist is a must, especially when you’re beginning to feel pain in your teeth or gums. Most dentists will recommend a check-up and cleaning twice a year, but can this apply to everyone?