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A Cosmetic Dentist in Kirkland Makes Celebrity-grade Smiles Possible

If your teeth are a bit off-kilter and people’s reactions are awkward whenever they see your smile, you need some professional help to set things straight. Lina Massarella of the Daily Mail wrote as much about one of the country’s famed music stars:

Singer Jewel has always said she would never fix her famously snaggled smile.


But yesterday she tweeted a picture of herself with gleaming white, straight teeth and long brown hair.


‘Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth,’ wrote the 38-year-old Who Will Save Your Soul singer.


Brunette Jewel flashes a smile with a set of perfect teeth to play June Carter Cash in movie

Even residents of Kirkland, WA, will understand the importance of their teeth needing to be as perfect as possible. The Little City That Could already boasts a family-friendly atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to make new friends– but an odd set of teeth can be a deal-breaker in that aspect. When you don’t want that to happen but can’t find a way to solve the problem, a skilled Kirkland dentist like Dr. Louis K Cheung, DDS, will help you.

Evaluations of the existing teeth set are needed to better gauge the expected shape of the veneer or how to adjust the teeth to accept the veneer. Analysis of Jewel’s teeth indicated that her main incisors on the upper set were level, but her right maxillary cuspid (the tooth located two teeth to the right of the right main tooth) jutted a bit forward, earning it the label “snaggle tooth.” The two teeth adjacent to her left main incisor were also off-adjustment.

Porcelain veneers are meant to aid in restoring the tooth’s natural appearance and firm up the affected tooth with the rest of the set. A cosmetic dentist who analyzed Jewel’s before-and-after-procedure pictures revealed that the right maxillary cuspid had a veneer attached. The other edges of the other teeth were shaped through tooth contouring to make it appear that they were straighter.

Professional Kirkland dentists like Dr. Cheung can perform other procedures to increase the visual impact of the veneers. Teeth whitening, for one, is essential to match the veneers’ shade of white. Pre-procedure, Jewel’s teeth sported a slightly brown tinge around the edge, which was brightened in addition to the installation of the veneer.

A natural smile is possible if the evaluation at your preferred cosmetic dental practitioner reveals there’s a moderate degree of work needed. Jewel certainly took the extra mile for hers; you can too.

(Source: Brunette Jewel flashes a smile with a set of ‘perfect’ teeth to play June Carter Cash in movie, Daily Mail)

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