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Dentist in Kirkland, WA will Help You Improve your Teeth and Heart

Some people may deem it farfetched, but making an effort to clean your teeth can ease cardiovascular dangers later on with the aid of your dentist. In a Courier Post article dated September 14, 2014 article, radiologist Dr. Sajjad Sabir explains:

Did you know that there is a common household item that may play a part in preventing heart disease?


It’s the simple toothbrush. It makes sense that the billions of bacteria and microbes that live in your mouth, which affect your teeth and gums, can also affect other parts of the body. While not all the research is conclusive, recent studies do suggest a strong link between dental/gum disease and heart disease.

Your dental and heart health are connected

Some studies already tag heart disease as one of the leading causes of fatalities in Washington state as well in the entire country. Gum disease also has the same degree of national notoriety in terms of tooth loss. When you worry that a bout of gum disease will be a harbinger of more serious health conditions down the line, it’s time to stop that danger through a dentist from Kirkland, WA such as Dr. Louis K. Cheung, DDS.

The main problem and precursor of periodontal disease is the presence of oral bacteria from various sources such as plaque. Sabir cited a number of studies which revealed that the bacteria triggers inflammation in the arteries, resulting in the generation of substances that gradually accumulate in the artery wall and the bloodstream. The affected bloodstream may lead to fatal heart infections later on if not stopped before reaching heart valves.

A dental hygienist can aid in the prevention of gum disease through ultrasonic scaling. The staff member uses a needle-tipped device that emits ultrasonic waves coupled with water to dislodge plaque deposits on the teeth. Some tougher plaque deposits, however, may have to be scraped using the traditional hand scaler.

You can augment those dental services with home remedies as recommended by your dentist. For example, you should replace your tooth brush every three months while using an ADA-approved toothpaste. Sabir adds that you must make a conscious effort to schedule teeth cleaning appointments and to eat a balanced diet.

As the New Year dawns, you must resolve to take better care of your oral health. Let a veteran Kirkland, WA dentist such as Dr. Cheung show you the way.

(Source: Your dental and heart health are connected, Courier-Post, 14 September 2014)

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