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General Dentistry and Flossing

General Dentistry and Flossing

If you are located in Washington and need a Kirkland dentist to help you understand the importance of oral hygiene Cheung DDS can help. Flossing is an important part of general dentistry and it helps to keep your mouth clean and free from decay. Flossing regularly keeps your teeth free of plaque and food particles that can stick between your teeth and gums. This can help your general dentist by keeping your mouth and gums healthy and clean.

When looking for a Kirkland dentist in WA, general dentistry should include more than just oral treatments. Teaching and educating you on the methods in which to maintain a healthy smile are just as important. For this simple fact many people continue to hunt for the right general dentist to help them and their family with their teeth. Learning how to brush and especially floss regularly helps to keep your teeth free of plaque and food.

Wondering why you should floss? Here’s some of the biggest reasons behind keeping the crevices between your teeth free of food.

Why floss? – It keeps your mouth clean and food from building up and decaying your teeth. Because brushing alone won’t do it, flossing helps your general dentist maintain your oral hygiene.

Plaque – Plaque is that sticky layer of bacteria on your teeth that can lead to gum disease. When you don’t floss plaque can build up between your teeth and harm your gumline. Not only that but without removing plaque you are hurting your oral hygiene and can create plaque buildup that’s harder and harder to remove

Periodontal (gum) disease – There are several different types of gum disease that can range in seriousness. General dentist offices will want to see you right away when you see an initial onset of periodontal disease.

Types of floss you should use – Ask your general dentist about what kind of floss they prefer. It comes in different forms like a waxed or unwaxed version and can even come in flavors. Most general dentist offices will prefer you to use waxed floss that can glide between your teeth easier and make flossing a quicker process. Unwaxed floss makes a squeaking sound to let you know your teeth are clean. Bonded unwaxed floss does not fray as easily as regular unwaxed floss but does tear more than waxed floss.

Water picks are different kinds of flossing tools that use a high pressure stream of water to dislodge and clean your teeth. Although this flossing tool can help, most general dentist offices recommend using floss instead.

Methods of flossing – When in doubt you want to ask your general dentist about how to properly floss your teeth. You can use a loop style as well as a the spool method. If you are comfortable using the floss manually, you can use the spool method which calls for you to wind a piece of floss around your fingers. Work them between your teeth and dig out the buildup, plaque and food between them.

The loop method of flossing is recommended by general dentist offices and can be easily done by those with smaller hands. Loop the piece of floss around your teeth, creating a “C” with the floss. Work the floss between your gums and teeth and floss back and forth until you have worked out all of the plaque and buildup.

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