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How to Pick a Dentist in Kirkland, WA

It can be difficult to choose a dentist anywhere, but how do you pick a dentist in Kirkland, WA? The relationship with your dentist should be comfortable, and there are a few ways you can make sure it is just that. A little research before you make your first appointment can save you hours and dollars later. Know your questions and concerns before you go in. Research online and do not be afraid to make phone calls ahead of time to quell any concerns.

Dentist in Kirkland WA

First and foremost, find out what insurance companies your potential dentist accepts. Have you found a dentist within your benefits plan and network? Check what your out of pocket expenses would be and what your insurance will cover at the Kirkland dentist of your choosing. You will want to know ahead of time what to expect at the end of each visit.

Check what schedule the dentist in Kirkland, WA holds. Are there available appointments outside of your work hours? What do you do in the case of a dental emergency? Any doctor you pick should have a plan for patients to use outside of office hours. This may be a direct line of contact or a phone number to call in case of emergencies.

Who could give better advice than another patient? Check online dental reviews from sites like and a practices Facebook page. A successful dentist in Kirkland, WA will also frequently have reviews on their website. Written reviews and video testimonials are easy ways to see what others have experienced with the dental practice you are evaluating. See what their current patients have to say about the services administered.

Look over any organizations your potential dentist lists. The American Dental Association (or ADA) has high standards to be considered recommended, so check for that first. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is important for safety within the dental office, and a Center for Disease Control (CDC) notation can put you at ease for the cleanliness of the office as well, as they control sterilization and cross contamination.

Once you have covered these topics with your initial research, you are ready to pick a dentist in Kirkland, WA. Schedule a consultation so you are able to visit the office and meet the dentist. Ask him about all of your standard questions, along with any personal concerns you may have.

There are many important things to consider when deciding where to obtain your dental work, but knowing how to pick a dentist in Kirkland, WA just became easier. The dental office of your choosing will work with your insurance and schedule, allowing any procedures to be as convenient as possible. Positive online reviews and belonging to revered organizations will put your mind at ease about the reputation and skills of your new dentist. See what some of our current patients think about our office by checking out our reviews here. Finally, a consultation will allow you to evaluate all of the above and be sure that you are completely comfortable with your new dentist.

Dr. Louis and his team know that after comparing all the factors we should be at the top of your list. Call our office today at 425-821-1188 so we can introduce ourselves and help you discover the excellent care we can provide.