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Kirkland Dentist Performs Oral Cancer Check for Early Intervention

Kirkland Dentist Performs Oral Cancer Check for Early Intervention

The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as a disease in which abnormal cells divide without control and invade other tissues. This can happen anywhere in your body, often with fatal results. It can also occur in the mouth, a condition called oral cancer.

Oral Cancer provides an in-depth discussion of oral cancer, including its risk factors and symptoms:

    • ● Oral cancer is abnormal (malignant) growth of body cells in any part of the oral cavity; oral cancer is sometimes termed head and neck cancer.
    • ● Risk factors for oral cancer are many; for example, tobacco use alcohol use, sun exposure (lips), anyone who has already had some form of head and neck cancer, and human papilloma virus infection.
    • ● Symptoms of oral cancer may include red, white and/or a mixture of these colors in patches, a non-healing sore in the mouth or on the lips, bleeding, loose teeth, swallowing problems, new denture problems, lumps or bumps on the neckm, and earaches.

As with other cancer types, it is difficult to determine the cause of oral cancers, but there are certain factors that can increase its risks of occurring. Tobacco and alcohol, for example, are often associated with cancer. The sexually transmitted Human Papillomavirus can also cause oral cancer.

The Oral Cancer Foundation predicts that around 8000 of the over 43,250 Americans who have been diagnosed with the disease could be fatally infected. Wherever you are in the United States, whether you’re living in a big city like D.C. or a young one like Kirkland, you cannot rule out developing this condition.

Fortunately, oral cancer can be prevented from spreading if detected early. A well-trained Kirkland dentist may offer a service aimed at detecting any abnormalities in your mouth. Once an abnormal tissue growth, or a change in color, on any part of your oral cavity is observed, the dentist can recommend a treatment plan.

In addition to oral cancer screening, a skilled dentist can also conduct other hygiene services, such as bleaching or periodontal laser treatments, to keep the mouth free from bacteria that could cause infections and other diseases.

Reputable Kirkland dentists like Louis K. Cheung DDS use state-of-the-art methods and equipment in performing oral cancer screening and other hygiene services. The training and the experience of these professionals allow them not only to treat dental problems as they arise, but also to help prevent deadly diseases from taking hold in your mouth.

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