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You Need a Knowledgeable Kirkland Dentist to Maintain Dental Health

You Need a Knowledgeable Kirkland Dentist to Maintain Dental Health

Brushing is an important habit to keep if you want to protect your teeth from damage, discoloration, or other worse dental problems. While daily brushing is expected of every individual, an article posted last September 30, 2014 on the Dentistry IQ website reveals that the average American is not brushing enough. The article features an infographic that reveals startling information:

Person Brush

With a 79-year average life span brushing at four minutes per day, that comes to 1,440 minutes per year, or one day per year of brushing, which is 79 days throughout a person’s lifetime. Sounds pretty reasonable.


Now check out how long the average person really brushes, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. It comes in at less than half the recommended time, with a dismal 45 to 70 seconds per day, which is only 355 to 553 hours in a lifetime, or a very unacceptable 15 to 23 days.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to maintain dental health habits; it requires an almost religious fervor to brush for as long as recommended (four minutes per day, as the article suggests), and to couple it with flossing. Even the slightest hint of neglect can mean trouble for patients, since it does not take much for destructive plaque and other mouth-based bacteria to thrive in teeth that is not clean. Patients who feel that they cannot improve their dental health habits any further should not lose heart; a local Kirkland dentist should be able to supplement any deficiencies his patients might have.

Accommodating dentists in Kirkland, such as Louis K. Cheung, DDS, can help patients clean their teeth to prevent cavities, fill in the caries caused by decay, and even replace heavily-damaged (or lost) teeth. The experts can also fill in patients with information about how they can prevent further decay through healthier diets, or how to properly brush and/or floss. Aside from matters related to cavities, general practice dentists can also screen patients for gum disease, oral cancer, and other health complications. It is most fortunate to have such concerned medical professionals looking after you, so do not hesitate to visit them regularly.

(Source: How long does the average person brush? Check out this infographic,, Sept. 30, 2014)

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