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A Qualified Dentist in Kirkland Helps Star Athletes Get Winning Smiles

A Qualified Dentist in Kirkland Helps Star Athletes Get Winning Smiles

Eating too much sweets, forgetting to brush and floss, and the lack of time for checkups with the dentist are some of the most common reasons why many people often get cavities and other dental problems. Those who eat healthy food, do regular exercises, and are engaged in sports or are living an active lifestyle are expected to have better oral health than others. However, a report by John Leicester for the National Post says that’s not always the case:

“They have bodies of Adonis and a garbage mouth,” says Paul Piccininni. As dental director for the International Olympic Committee, Piccininni is intimately familiar with the broken teeth, abscesses, decay and other dental issues that force hundreds of Olympians into dentists’ chairs at every games.


Among them Michael Jordan. At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, where basketball’s superstar in the making was top scorer on the gold medal-winning U.S. team, Jordan “had a significant dental problem that could have kept him out of a game,” Piccininni told The Associated Press in an interview at a conference on sports injuries.

Recent findings by researchers back this claim that many professional and rising athletes have worse oral health than most people as many of the supplements and alternative food they intake, such as sports drinks, are packed with sugar. Although these help them recharge and power up to meet the physical demands of their sport, it has cost many Olympians, college and high school varsity players, and even the up and coming sports figures their teeth, gums, and mouth.

why many olympic athletes have terrible dental problems

This could be prevented if sports enthusiasts take the time to put in more effort to maintain a good oral care habit, like with regular brushing of the teeth, using floss, and seeing a licensed dentist in Kirkland for their regular checkups. Going to the dentist can give them the opportunity to prevent or address cavity build up before they reach an alarming level and cause damages, such as dental fractures.

While there is still time for some to get preventive dental care, many seasoned athletes should now consider enlisting a qualified dentist in Kirkland, WA, such as Louis K. Cheung DDS, who can perform cosmetic dentistry services. Cosmetic dentistry procedures will gradually address cavities, discoloration, dental fractures, and teeth misalignment to give star athletes the winning smile they should have.

As professional sports players, athletes from all divisions bank on their continuous training to improve their skills. However, it is also good if they can take care of their oral health and gain beautiful smiles that they can flash during their games—especially when they win.

(Source: ‘Garbage Mouth’: Why many Olympic athletes have terrible dental problems, John Leicester, May 16, 2014)

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