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Locating the family dental office in Kirkland

Locating the family dental office in Kirkland

Having a large family and choosing a dentist always poses a huge challenge. With so
many people to handle and schedules to manage, getting the best oral hygiene for your
family can be tough. This is especially harder when you have small children or toddlers
in your household. That’s why when you want the best family dental office in Kirkland;
there are a few guidelines to go by.

If you are concerned about your family’s oral hygiene, use these tips below
to choose the best family dental office in Kirkland. You can combine the best family
friendly atmosphere with the total oral care that your kids deserve. As any parent or
head of the household understands, finding a dental office in Washington that can serve
kids can be difficult.

Finding the best family dental office in Kirkland

Friendly Staff – Without a doubt one of the biggest challenges for any child is
overcoming their natural fear of the dentist. Going to see the dentist isn’t pleasant,
even for adults which is why it’s so important to find a dental office in Washington that
is staffed with friendly people.

With friendly staff members on hand who can smile and help disarm any nerves, your
kids are more likely to relax and hold still. This can help not only the dentist but help
your children get the best care possible.

Facilities – It can sound like a minor detail, but small touches in and around the office
can help kids feel more at ease. Toys, creative tables and colorful additions can really
set the dentist apart from the others. When you want the ultimate family dental office
in Kirkland, they’ve got to have a nice facility that your kids feel comfortable walking

There are many choices when it comes to a dental office in Washington. Help your kids
feel at ease by picking a dentist that has enough distractions in their waiting room to
help. Your kids will thank you for it.

Customer reviews – Of course nothing about the staff or building will do your family
any good without a positive review of the dentist in question. Look through online
listings to see which dentist best suits your family needs. If your review site has a
feature to sort or filter by age group or customers, make sure to use it to find the best
dental office Kirkland can offer.

Finding the best family dental office in Kirkland doesn’t have to be difficult. Head over
to Cheung DDS to see what separates their office from the any other dental
office Kirkland can offer. Once you have a chance to see their staff and their business in
action, there’s little doubt that you’ll choose the best family dental office in Kirkland in
Cheung DDS.


What Can I Eat for Whiter Teeth?

What Can I Eat for Whiter Teeth?

We all know the standard answers for what we should avoid if we want white teeth: coffee, wine, anything extra sugary. But if you want to make the most of your pearly whites, dental health is key. Keep your brushing and flossing up. But we’ve got to eat, right? We have some good food suggestions for you to have whiter teeth:


Milk and cheese have vitamins that enhance your dental health, such as calcium and protein. Certain foods increase your saliva production, which is what cleans your teeth and removes food particles: these are some of those foods.


These big red berries that are reminiscent of Summer have something called malic acid inside of them. This acid is an enzyme that can whiten your teeth. While some may recommend that you crush some and spread the paste on your teeth, biting into a big, juicy strawberry sounds much more delicious.

Strawberries for Whiter Teeth


Not only are almonds a healthy snack, but the ridged edges of nuts rub against your teeth as you chew. This motion helps remove plaque and other stain-causing substances, so munch away on a handful of nuts for whiter teeth.


These crunchy orange vegetables are known primarily for their positive benefits for your eyesight, but they are a multitalented snack! Every crunch you take removes some plaque, and increases your production of saliva. Carrots also kill bad breath bacteria, so there’s no reason to not add them to your snack list.


Speaking of that crunch, any crunchy fruit or veggie is likely going to be better for your teeth. Apples, for example, increase saliva production with the water inside of them, and their crisp skin glides along your teeth, cleaning them naturally of stain-inducing germs.


While, yes, too much acid is not good for your teeth, citrus fruit increases saliva in your mouth and washes away those bad germs, giving you fresher breath as well.


Cocoa is a good fighter against inflammation of the gums and erosion of the teeth—two things that cause teeth to be less than blindingly white. While it is better to stick to darker chocolate, which is lower in sugar, cocoa in food seems to have a positive (or at least less harmful) effect on tooth color.

Chocolate for Whiter Teeth

Baking Soda

While you wouldn’t want to eat straight baking soda, brushing with it from time to time is good for your teeth (that is why you find it as an active ingredient in so many toothpastes).

There you have it! Want whiter teeth? Add these foods to your diet and you’ll be well on your way. In addition to these diet changes, be sure to regularly brush and floss, and call a Kirkland dentist, such as Dr. Louis K. Cheung, for regular dental cleanings.