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Tips to find the best Dentist in Washington

Tips to find the best Dentist in Washington

Trips to the dentist are rarely any fun and there’s a reason why so many people are so apprehensive about them. Many times visits that should be routine and regular checkups can lead to bad news and further treatment. But what most people don’t realize is that this kind of early detection is really saving them time and more than likely a lot of pain in the future.

When you think you need to visit a dentist and you live in the Northwest, there’s a lot of ways you can find the best Kirkland dentist available. Finding a true professional that can ease your fears and provide you with a comprehensive explanation about what is happening is what you want from your dentist.

Facilities – When you are headed to your nearby Washington dentist, you want to make sure that the offices are warm, friendly and inviting. The staff on hand should be pleasant to interact with and eager to answer any of your questions. The last thing you want is a negative experience when you are checking in with your local Kirkland dentist office.

Speak to the staff and explore your options for treatment, as the best Kirkland dentists usually have an assistant who can properly convey all your possible treatments effectively. You don’t want vague explanations or invoices that leave you wondering where all your hard earned money went.

Reviews – There are many services online that can give you a solid opinion of your Kirkland dentist by simply logging in and searching by your zip code. Try to ignore basic or generic reviews that seem unnatural and instead take the time to read over all the reviews, negative and positive. This gives you a good base of feedback on the dentist office you are looking for.

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to love even the best dentist, so the negative reviews (if any) can still shed some light on your situation.

Accomplishments – Doing a bit of homework on your Kirkland dentist can give you a true glimpse of what’s ahead. Make sure to check their standing with the American Dentist Association and check that they are in good standing. You can do this easily online by heading over to their website at You can also check with the Washington Health Care Association at their website

Using these tips and hints to find the best dentist in Kirkland can help you and your family gets the superior dental treatment you need and deserve. If you find yourself having a hard time with your existing dentist, or just need a great one in Kirkland, head over to the offices of Dr. Louis K Cheung at Their comprehensive dentistry encompasses every type of dental procedure you may need, from implants to cosmetic surgery and more. Their offices are located at the Evergreen Professional Plaza, so if you need a dentist in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland go to to schedule your appointment today.