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When Nitrous Oxide applies to dental cleaning

The use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it’s commonly called, during any dental procedure can help minimize pain. It is usually a safe way to make your dental cleaning easier. When inhaled and applied by a certified technician, nitrous oxide gives you feelings of euphoria and happiness. While it’s not generally an anesthetic by any means, it’s definitely a way to keep yourself occupied and your mind off your cleaning.

Dental cleaning typically is not painful unless you have sensitive teeth or gums. If your dentist is using a scraper or clipper to clean your enamel you may want to opt for nitrous oxide during your next cleaning session.

Here are a few reasons to use nitrous oxide during any dental cleaning treatment. Of course before you seek out dental treatment, make sure to ask your dentist about nitrous oxide and if it makes sense for you.

Less Pain – Nitrous oxide will make it easier for you to get through your dental cleaning. It’s not for everyone but if you suffer from high gum or tooth sensitivity, it’s a solid option.

Ease of treatment – When you are at your dental cleaning appointment, time can feel as though it’s just crawling by. Proper nitrous treatment can help the time go by faster, and make it seem as though you are getting more done faster.

Improved comfort – Laughing gas can also make you feel more at ease and increase your comfort. When you are more comfortable chances are your dentist will be able to clean your teeth better. Discomfort during a dental cleaning varies for each person, and pain levels are different for everyone.

Improved self-esteem–With a brighter and whiter smile you will also be able to enjoy increased confidence. You will be glad to smile and won’t be so self-conscious about it. Dental cleaning done right can improve your smile and make your teeth whiter.

Better Oral Hygiene – Cleaner teeth means that you are doing your part to prevent tooth decay and increase your oral health. Regular dental cleaning can also decrease particulate and food from between your teeth. Even so you need to follow regular flossing and brushing habits to keep your oral hygiene a major focus of your health.

When you want high quality dental cleaning in Kirkland, Cheung DDS is the best possible choice for you. Although nitrous oxide/laughing gas isn’t always common for dental cleaning procedures, it’s a definite option that makes the entire process much easier and less painful. And remember just because you’ve had your teeth cleaned it doesn’t mean you should forget to brush or floss regularly.